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Hello Everyone. I am long overdue in giving you an update on...well....everything.

So as you may have noticed this last month or two, I have not been around much. This is pretty much the first time I have been able to spend more than 3 minutes on this site in one sitting. Life and work just got super busy. But enough about my excuses, lets talk about the site.
I have not forgotten about the Member Marketplace, and I will be working on it some more today. The plan is that you will be able to sell/trade in a few different ways. One will be to list something for a token amount and simply sell it. The other way would be to list something for trade and then be able to see what other people offer in trade. There is a lot to be thought about on this one, but rest assured it will happen soon (withing months)
As far as crafting goes. The key recipes are designed to be limited use only. Unfortunately due to lack of time and creativity on my part I kept bringing the same recipe back over and over. This led to the confusion that the recipe was able to be crafted every 30 days or every month, and unfortunately I was not around to clear up anything. So for the month of May I plan to do a couple of things:
  1. They Pi-day key will again be craftable for a limited time.
  2. The filled key-mold will be craftable one last time (also for a limited time)
  3. New reagents will be added, but there will not necessarily be a new key recipe until later...haven't decided on this yet.
  4. I am considering a reagent "de-crafter" to split a reagent into its original parts, this could be problematic and I have not decided for sure about this.
  5. I will be reaching out to KI to get some more codes for the Token Store, but I can't guarantee that there will be crowns this time, we will just have to see what comes our way

I will be working with Charmed_One to get some contests going as well.

Thanks All!

Last Edited on: 2015-04-25 at 10:51 am
Live Chat

Says they have some W101 info to share! Read it HERE.

All crowns prices on permanent mounts are reduced! There's also a cool new mount in the crown shop and it's also on sale!

And if you were thinking about getting an Auroch or Manta Ray mount now is the time. They'll be leaving the crowns shop when mount-a-palooza is over!

Arts & Graphics Winners

You guys (and gals) voted and the results are in!

1st Place: Gimmemysoup
2nd Place: Amaze
3rd Place: Milly0

1st Place: Ashielikespie
2nd Place: xSemira
3rd Place: lukey800
HM: foxy

PM me and I'll send over your prize codes and tokens. Congrats everyone. In the talk-about-it share how you feel about the members voting for this contest.

5 items in the crowns shop are on sale! Can you find them? Also, get a free gift. Read more about it HERE.

Last Edited on: 2015-04-10 at 09:26 am
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