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Labor Day Token Store Key

Hi all you site crafters, so I was checking over the recipe for the labor day reagent and realized (as many of you suspected) that dworgyn was giving correct hints, however the recipe had a glitch and was not allowing crafting.

Because of this I can imagine many people have spent additional tokens that they would not have otherwise done on hints from Dworgyn. So I talked it over with The Professor and he agreed to go back in time to Sept 1st and make it so that those donations never happened, something to do with a great big ball of timey wimey stuff.

So what this means is that any transactions to Dworgyn's Hints since the 1st of September are obliterated and those tokens will be back in your Token Pouch.

So here are a few comments I need to point out and comment on:

joshman1198 replied on 2015-09-14 at 02:37
Lol okay xD I will go through and try it with all of my reagents :P you never know

RESPONSE - Yes, you should all do that again, sorry for the inconvenience

Ma1kavian replied on 2015-09-14 at 02:56
It would be funny if Legends just didn't make recipe available for crafting yet :D

RESPONSE - Ha Ha, yes that would be a hoot wouldn't it......

So that makes a September Key and an October Key that are active. Also be aware that these two recipes are reagent limiting only, meaning that there is no limit to how many you can craft, but the reagents needed may be rare.

Last Edited on: 2015-10-4 at 01:08 pm
Charmed One's 2nd Annual Costume Contest

So many great prizes up for grabs! It's gonna be a GREAT time! Click on the above image to see the party details.

Last Edited on: 2015-10-4 at 09:20 am
Happy October All!

Okay, so many of you know, I have been away for quite a while, and can't guarantee that I will be on constantly any time soon, but I am going to try and be on more than I have the last little while and try and get some long overdue things done. To facilitate this I had to take some drastic measures on my PM inbox to help clean it up (it was contributing to me not wanting to log on), which basically means I deleted any messages that were over a month and a half old and anything that had to do with the member market. The lots staff is not responsible for any purchases you choose to make from other members and I am not going to sacrifice any more time dealing with market squabbles. If you don't want any chance of getting ripped off, don't use the member market, because there will always be scammers in there no matter how we structure it. If you don't agree to take the chance to lose all the tokes for a purchase and possibly get nothing, don't hit they buy button. If you want to spend your tokens on a sure thing, buy from the token store.

If you have something super important that I missed in a PM (that does not have to do with the member market) please resend and I will try to keep up this time.

So...It's October again, a very popular month in the Wizard101 World. I hear the staff has several contests stirring in their brains. I am going to get a FcF tournament set up as well.

And if your wondering about the Token Store, I have a change to how keys are going to work in the future, and I plan to implement this before loading any more codes. Currently I have been loading codes into several different code-categories which would be locked with a different number of keys and have varying token amounts. These would then be used to unlock that code-category and you could purchase any number of codes that were in that category. This cause a few issues however that required that I be very limiting on the number of keys that were put in circulation. So I the new system will work as follows: When I put new codes in the Token store I will still have some locked (most with a single lock) and some unlocked, locked ones will have a cheaper token price. The difference however will be that each time you unlock it, you will only be able to purchase 1 code from that category and then the locks will re-appear and you will have to unlock again if you want another code. What this will do is allow me to open up more opportunities to craft keys and also to leave those recipes active for longer and able to be used multiple times.

This should help give the crafting community more things to work on, as will help to keep a single person from buying up all the codes after unlocking it one time.

Okay, and now for some other site business. I owe you a winner for last months random drawing, which is.......Rainbowish

I have started a random drawing for October as well, so good luck all.
Polaris confirmed.

Polaris confirmed with final post card reveal.

See the reveal here
The Halloween event has returned to the Spiral!

Last Edited on: 2015-10-1 at 09:10 am
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