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Looks can be deceiving #2 results

It's that time again! First I will post the answers, followed by the winners.

Life, level 2

Death, level 26

Ice, level 110

Balance, level 93

Death, level 18

Storm, level 5

Myth, level 15

Death, level 22

Fire, level 110

Fire, level 14

Myth, level 5

Fire, level 110

Death, level 110

Life, level 34

Balance, level 28


First Place: Hunt
Second Place: markstormblade
Honorable Mentions (will receive 200 Spiral Tokens and random site reagent:

Thank you to all who participated! Did you know that everyone who submitted a VALID entry had at least some correct answers?!? Great job everyone!

Last Edited on: 2016-09-25 at 02:28 pm
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Last Edited on: 2016-09-19 at 07:56 pm
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[more information]

Near Death Experience - Judging Results

Alright, so I kind of stretched the prizes here...but there were so many good entries that I couldn't just leave it at 3 winners! So in addition to first and second place I have a couple 3rd place winners.

I also added an "Honorable Mention" category, which gets a...well honorable mention... for one reason or another. Those that made the list by fighting Malistaire will receive a crown prize. Each person on this honorable mention list (that did not already receive a prize for this contest) will be entered into a random drawing for 5K crowns. (Drawing winner evo90)

I have added my comments below in Red. Congrats Everyone that placed.

First Place:


(Great Job, I loved the description, makes me want to to go do some testing regarding the actual percentages for blades, etc to see what kinds of discrepancies there is in the game. You were the first entry to be submitted with "1" health, and bonus points for talking code! :)

Description: (click to view)

Second Place:


(Kudos for doing this solo, sometimes not an easy task...of course sometimes others can be unpredictable, so maybe it was safer that way. Love the detailed description of every number involved.)

Description: (click to view)

Third Place #1:


(Congrats on getting your entry in quickly, and good description, from your description it kind of sounds like, "I did a little math, then crossed my fingers and hoped it worked out", lol)

Description: (click to view)

Third Place #2:


(Wow, love the way you took the basic contest and went the extra mile getting 3 bosses of 3 different schools all down to 1 health in the same fight. Would have loved to see that last death boss down to 1 health as well, but awesome effort on this, you made me decide to give additional 3rd place prizes.)

Description: (click to view)

Honorable Mention:







Haley n Aaron



Edward Mist



(external link to full image)






(Had to give you an honorable mention, at first I was like, "Wow, they went with Malistaire the Undying!", then I remembered that he always shows up with 25 health after you defeat his first form and have a doom and gloom up! So you get an honorable mention, next time I will have to add some fine print, lol.)

Last Edited on: 2016-09-6 at 11:24 am
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