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Witch Hunter's Bundle Raffle!

After listening to ideas on how to give out the Witch Hunter's Bundle. I noticed that many would like to have a raffle to make it fair. So I decided to make a raffle with a few other prizes. Good luck to everyone!

On a side note, Create a Weapon Contest results will be out soon! There were a lot of amazing entries! This coming Monday I will post a new contest, so look forward to that!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Last Edited on: 2016-06-21 at 05:32 pm
Lucky Guess

Hello Everyone!

I would like to inform you guys that I have just created a new contest. Guessing the 7 spell cards that would appear when I enter battle. Are you lucky enough to guess most of them correct? Well, for more information visit the "Parties" page!
Create A Weapon Contest Winners!

Wow! All the entries were amazing. There were many entries and we really enjoyed what you all created. It was hard to decide on the winners but we have finally concluded to 4 entries (We decided to add another winner for 3rd place prizes!)

First Place Winner: susej

The Chakram Ring Blade is found in Mooshu. It is given to you by the Emperor for saving his life in the Jade Palace. It's give name is "Ring of Fire" and it gives:
-100 Fire damage per card
-10% global damage
-6% power pip chance
-six cards
Animation: The wizard throws the Ring of Fire at the enemy. It circles them creating rings of flame until the enemy is engulfed and turns to ash.

Second Place Winner: Chariity
Wraith’s Winged Scythe

Drops: Dropped by Meowiarty in Big Ben, as well as Grubb in Sunken City (to give me an incentive to actually complete that area)
Level 35+ only
+1 Power Pip
Gives 5 cards
Super Torment (130 death damage)
Price: 3995 crowns
It’s a low-level weapon purely because my death wizard is low-level anyway. The cards it gives are uncharacteristically high-damage because I want them even if it doesn’t make sense with the other weapons.

Third Place Winners: Esmee & StoneUnicorn29
Esmee’s YoYo

As you may have guessed from the title it is a Yo-Yo! How awesome would it be to see your wiz playing with a yo-yo while hanging out in the spiral :) I even tweaked a couple well known yo-yo tricks to be w101, like Around the Spiral and Walk the Gamma. Oh and the correct spiral name is Ow-Ow based on experts reading the ancient runes written on this ancient device and thinking it was an ancient variation on Grizzelheim runes written right to left.

StoneUnicorn29’s The Orbs of Mystical Fate

Description: They are seven orbs that revolve around the wizard
who has equipped them and is using it during battle.
Each orb represents a school, which is randomly chosen
while the wizard is using this weapon as an attack.
Each school has a different fate tied into it which will
Be a type of spell the school is most known for.

Attack: Depending on which class the orbs randomly choose

Where to find it: The player will get it after defeating Mithraya a random amount of times ranging from 1-59

School: Any, for it is a weapon that involves all schools.

And that’s all! Congratulations! I will be sending PM to the winners! By the way! I know I said a new contest is coming Monday (today) but unfortunately things came up so I won’t be able to create the contest until Thursday. Other than that have fun in the Spiral :)

Last Edited on: 2016-06-13 at 07:01 pm
Oops it's Tuesday!

What is the funniest name you've seen in game? It must be a name you actually saw on a player's wizard, in Wizard101.

Example: Sestiva DeathBreath (hahaha death breath, get it?!?) :D
LotS Comeback Update

The LotS comeback is on and here are a few updates of what you're going to see. Right now we have a few hide and seeks up with a few more planned throughout the month. A caption contest is open for business in the "Parties" page.

A special Pick A Teacher is set up that will last for 9 hours with a grand prize of 5000 crowns! A screenshot contest, a damage contest, and others are currently in the works.

This cannot be done without all of you! We need more parties and contests in the "Parties" page! School is out for most of you by now so why not host a party and make some new friends in the spiral.

Keep saving up those spiral tokens because you never know when Legends will want to restock the token store so be ready.

Keep a lookout on the "Parties" and "Contests" pages because we're getting ready to roll out even more as the comeback progresses. We also want you to keep telling us exactly what contests you want to see in the Talk About It pages for this post and the previous LotS comeback post.

Last Edited on: 2016-06-6 at 05:04 pm
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