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For those who haven't heard yet, Mirage is live! See what's new here.
Hourly Giveaway.

We are aware that the hourly giveaway seems to have given up. No, Kennithith isn't my cousin or anything, just a glitch. :) We are working on it and thank you to everyone who took the time to alert us to the situation.
Test realm is ONLINE

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Looks can be Deceiving Halloween winners

Everyone did better than ever on this one! It was suppose to be harder lol. In fact, while the party only had listed a first and second place winner I've added small prizes for third and fourth place since they came so close (all 10 points apart).

Before I announced the winners, here is a list with the answers.

1. Ice 28
2. Fire 110
3. Storm 110
4. Balance 110
5. Ice 110
6. Storm 25
7. Fire 110
8. Storm 7
9. Storm 110
10. Fire 110
11. Life 110
12. Fire 101
13. Storm 110
14. Fire 110
15. Death 110
16. Ice 110
17. Storm 110
18. Life 110
19. Balance 47
20. Myth 72

First Place: Majd 5,ooo crowns & vampire costume
Second Place: ankit12 1,000 crowns
Third & Fourth Place: esmee energy elixir
Hunt energy elixir

Congrats to everyone! Thanks for participating.

esmee has brough it to my attention that I miscounted her entry. After rechecking my notes, I see that I missed her answer for #6. SO esmee actually had the highest score. I will still give the others the prizes listed. esmee has chosen NO prize so there can be more opportunities for other members.

Last Edited on: 2016-11-9 at 07:38 am
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