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To answer the question.

Many are asking how they will know if they accomplish the hidden tasks required to find a key.

Currently there is 1 way available to get a key (I am still working on the other hidden tasks and will update you when I have them ready). I shouldn't have to say that the solution to these tasks/riddles should be kept confidential so everyone has the chance to solve it on their own.

So to answer this question for everyone, when you accomplish all the tasks required to earn the key you will see something like this:

Last Edited on: 2014-12-14 at 09:04 pm
More about Keys

Alright, so Kailar made a good point about how some people might unlock the first key on the tripple locked Evergreen Bundle's without realizing that is not the best way to use your keys.

There is currently only one person that has done that and I have returned that key since I have not explained this point yet.

You should save up keys until you have all the keys required to unlock a code. The reason for this is that if you unlock one or two locks, and a few other people unlock all of them and purchases the codes, you have essentially wasted the keys unless the exact item comes along in the future (since we don't control what items we receive, its probably better to save your keys for later).

Some of you are asking "Why Keys???" so I will try to explain (I know some will not agree, but I am always trying to do what's best for the site).

You may not be aware, but over the last 2 months I have added nearly 100 codes to the token store including bundles and crowns. Many of you are thinking, "Wait, Legends, we never saw those!"

And that's the reason for the keys. When we first started doing Tokens I explained that we would have this issue, we don't get enough codes for everyone to purchase what they want, because of this only those who happen to be online at the exact moment I post a new code in the token store are able to get it. I don't know many PM's I receive with people asking if I will be adding anything new to the token store and I have to tell them, "Um...I just did about 3 hours ago, they are already gone"

This causes a very critical problem, and that is that if nobody has anything to work for, they lose interest. They are simply a way of giving different types of people a chance of getting something. We have all kinds of people on the site and each have their own talents. Some are really good at solving riddles and enjoy searching for hidden items. Others do a great job at coming to the site every day and are lucky to gain tokens at a very fast rate. Then we have some that get a lot of tokens from contest hosted by other members.

So with the addition of keys we will be able to put items in the token store that allow all 3 of these types the chance for codes. Items will still be available for all token types for a large number of tokens. Those who accumulate official site tokens will still have some codes available unlocked that are purchasable with official tokens only, and now we have the addition that some who want to spend the time looking for the hidden keys will get even a further discount with the lower priced items that are locked.

So, as I said, not everyone will agree with this new addition, but all in all I think it will prove to be a great addition to the store in the future.

Last Edited on: 2014-12-14 at 12:13 pm
Token Store Keys

As you may have noticed in the upper right hand corner of the site (if you are logged in) you will now see keys in addition to your spiral tokens.

Keys are just another step in the evolution of the token store. Some items will occasionally be locked and will need to be unlocked before purchase (You should currently see some of these in the token store).

Keys can be earned by:
  1. figuring out and doing hidden things on the site each month. (similar to last months hidden task of wearing the Gobble Gobble badge on Thanksgiving day). Hint for this month: 'Tis The Season For Giving
  2. Keys will also be given as prizes for future contests.
Some items will continue to be available without the need to unlock.

Some items may have more than one lock. All the locks will need to be released before the item will be available for purchase.

Thanks all! Hope your having a great December so far!

Last Edited on: 2014-12-13 at 09:42 pm
MMORPG Giveaway

They've got codes for items from the new pack.

Head on over and claim your code! (only one code may be redeemed per W101 account. Click HERE
12 Days of the Spiral

Check it out here.

(Great idea izzybear123)
On the eigth day of the Spiral, Kingsisle gave to me:
Huge Crowns Sale!
KI Livechat!
New housing items!
A contest with big prizes!
A new winter pack!
Half off online bundles!
and a new mount for charity!

Last Edited on: 2014-12-17 at 10:54 am
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